The typical school yard has large areas just burning to be converted into shady oases. They are also where the next crop of urban forest stewards will learn to appreciate and value our leafy green legacy.

TreeOcode NiagaraTreeOcode Niagara

TreeOcode is an community engagment initative to create a database of the trees located within the Niagara Region's 12 municipalities. 

Kingston Depave ParadiseKingston Depave Paradise


Hearthmakers Energy Cooperative is partnering with the Mulberry Waldorf School on an exciting new project called Depave Paradise.

Greening our SchoolyardsGreening our Schoolyards


ReForest London has planted trees in over three dozen London schools. Students, teachers, and parents help plan the projects, raise funds, and plant the trees. Aftercare is the responsibility of each school.

"Our Urban Forest" School Outreach"Our Urban Forest" School Outreach


For three years Peterborough Green-Up coordinated a school outreach program where experienced educators visited elementary schools in the City of Peterborough to involve children in a variety of urban forest-related programs.

"Tree"ific TreeKit from NeighbourWoods!"Tree"ific TreeKit from NeighbourWoods!


Just imagine! A practical resource for use by elementary school teachers that heightens awareness of the value of trees through the arts, games, stories and science.

The NeighbourWoods TreeKit is all that and more. Written by teachers, all the activities are accessible and engaging and support the Ontario Curriculum. Books,a tree "cookie," a "Game in a Bag", and a CD of tree songs by "Tamarack" are packed into a handy, clear plastic suitcase.

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