Parks & StreetsParks & Streets

For most city dwellers, local parks and ravines are where they point when you ask "Which way to the urban forest?" Engagement with municipalities ensures these green, "common" spaces are watched over and cared for.

TreeOcode NiagaraTreeOcode Niagara

TreeOcode is an community engagment initative to create a database of the trees located within the Niagara Region's 12 municipalities. 

The Ripe IdeaThe Ripe Idea

Fruit on backyard trees and public trees acress York Region is rotting and going to waste, often because the trees produce so abundantly that the homeowner can't use it all. York Region Food Network will help by bringing a team of volunteers out to harvest the tree, with the bounty being shared between the homeowner, YRFN, and the volunteers. YRFN will donate part of its share to local organizations, and will use part of it for community food programs.



Volunteer Adopt-A-Park-Tree programs help newly planted trees on public lands thrive in the first 3 to 5 years after planting – the toughest years for tree survival.

LEAF and Park People are working together to support and encourage Friends of Parks groups to initiate new Adopt-a-Park-Tree Programs in their neighbourhood parks! 

Junction Depave ParadiseJunction Depave Paradise


LEAF celebrates National Tree Day by working together with the community to depave a local neighbourhood and enhance the health of existing street trees.

The Million Tree Challenge The Million Tree Challenge


The Million Tree Challenge seeks to inspire Londoners to plant one million trees in ten years to enhance environmental and human health in our Forest City.  The first step to this audacious goal is to plant one tree per Londoner (pop. 350,000) in the first three years.

ReForest London Aftercare Program ReForest London Aftercare Program


The purpose of ReForest’s Londons aftercare program is to  improve the survival of planted trees, and to provide site maintenance that will help permanently establish the new naturalized areas planted by ReForest London volunteers.

Goderich Tornado Clean Up!Goderich Tornado Clean Up!


As you may know Goderich was struck by a F-3 tornado that destroyed much of the towns infastructure, homes, businesses, historical buildings and many trees. Since that fateful day on August 21st, 2011, our community has rallied and has set to restoring our community to its prior glory and to strive to make it better in the future.

Goderich Tornado Clean Up Hub Goderich Tornado Clean Up Hub

Overview of Organization: 

The Goderich Tornado Clean Up Hub, is in reality, not an organization. It is a loosely defined entity of individuals who have used Facebook to coordinate those who wanted to help with those who needed help in the wake of the F3 Tornado that ravaged Goderich and the surrounding community on August 21st, 2011. It is people helping people with the good will of their hearts and the sweat of their brows.


Our mandate is just to connect those with the will and resources to those who are in need of assistance. The objective of our efforts is ever changing and we will be here until we are no longer needed.

People Served: 

We have helped private property owners in many ways. We've cleared debries and downed trees from their properties in the beginning, helped find information for those who need it and could not access it, extended our hearts and homes to those who lost theirs and we have instilled a sense of real community in ours that was bent, but not broken.

Program Areas and Funding

Measuring Success


FoTBP's Adopt A Tree ProgramFoTBP's Adopt A Tree Program


The Trinity Bellwoods Park's canopy of shady trees is a big part of its appeal and majesty. The Adopt-A-Tree program was established in 2005 by Friend of the park Jenna Hofbauer to help the survival of succession trees by watering the young saplings and ensuring the continued renewal of the magnificent tree canopy.

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