Protecting our urban forest is one of the hardest issues to tackle but also one of the most important. Protection can mean:

  • protecting mature trees in parks or even our own yards
  • saving trees from "mulch volcanoes" or strangling stake ties 
  • convincing city councilors and developers to conserve topsoil and to remove only as many trees as absolutely necessary for new developments
  • upholding your tree protection bylaws. (No tree protection bylaws? We need to talk!)

TreeOcode NiagaraTreeOcode Niagara

TreeOcode is an community engagment initative to create a database of the trees located within the Niagara Region's 12 municipalities. 

GUFF makes last stand to save lone oakGUFF makes last stand to save lone oak


The Guelph Urban Forest Friends (GUFF) is a group of citizen-based activists who took local tree preservation into their own hands. When faced with the City’s decision to cut down more than 20 mature trees we organized an action to preserve one of the remaining mature trees using a
group of five bikes.

Simple Tree Rescues Make a DifferenceSimple Tree Rescues Make a Difference


One day, I was making my way to the Direct Energy Centre, located in Toronto's Exhibition Place; something fluttered in a nearby tree, so I stopped. It was white, plastic, an artistic rendering of a human form. About 8 inches in length, this object dangled from a lower branch, having been tied there with fishline. I tried to insert my finger between the line and the branch, unsuccessfully. If left in place much longer, the fishline would restrict growth of the branch at that point, preventing movement of nutrients from the trunk to that branch.

Protecting Tree RootsProtecting Tree Roots


I work in Liberty Village. At the moment, Liberty Village is in heavy development, both for commercial space and for condominiums. At such times, materials that are needed for multiple projects get stored in a public place. I’m all for reducing transport of heavy equipment in and out of the village, thereby reducing the associated air and noise pollution. However, there are other costs to bear in mind.

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